Private In-Home CPR Classes

We have hosted Home Parties, Send-Off Parties, Stately Dinners and Birthday Parties at our homes…what about having a CPR Party? Every parent wants to know how to respond in an emergency. Why not get together with your friends and family to learn at home, church, in a park or at your kids’ schools! We will be happy to reward you for your legwork…enjoy 1 FREE certification when you host parties of 10 or more! If you would rather join another class, that would be perfect, as well! The instructors with Redefining Health, LLC will always give you personalized attention as you become an expert rescuer!

Recommended Course for Parents is the Non-Certification Family & Friends Course. Certification courses are also available!

Family and Friends Infant/Child CPR.
This one-hour non-certification course is for parents, family members, and anyone else who wants to join in learning life saving skills. This course includes CPR and choking training for infants and children along with an introduction to the use of an AED. Home parties can be arranged to provide a relaxed environment for learning. Private CPR parties can be customized for large groups.

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Home CPR Party

Total cost is a flat rate.


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